We are Bev and Mike. We've been creative artists all our lives, and we've been working together as Tentacle Studio for 27 years. Bev is a master tailor, Mike is a classically trained sculptor. We met whilst working in professional theatres, making costumes, sculptures, masks and props. But since then our work has vastly expanded in scope. We solve creative problems - sometimes weird problems! - with intelligent, custom-made solutions.

Originally born and bred in England, many years ago we re-located ourselves and Tentacle Studio to Amsterdam. Now, our workshop is nestled in the heart of Amsterdam's old tulip growing area, close to Schiphol Airport. Our clients approach us from all over the world, and are very diverse: international performers, celebrities, film makers, ad agencies, event organisers, museums, magicians, corporate clients and private individuals. Our creations have been enjoyed by literally millions of people. Our work is of the highest standard, and our prices reflect this.

We ship worldwide, and work mainly by email and photos, but you are very welcome to visit, or phone us for a chat about what you need. We can custom-make something for you, or you can choose one of our existing designs from our online shop. Got a question? Just ask!
Bev shalts tentacle studio Mike Petty Tentacle Studio
Bev Shalts and Mike Petty
Here's some photos of us, and the studio in action...
mould maker giant teapot and cups, Alice in Wonderland buy mad hatters tea party polystyrene film prop
castle wall builder giant mascot head mask carnival caterpillar grub insect costume bugs Tentacle Studio prop makers
Eva blacklight costume dance propmaker animal head designers Tentacle Studio professional theatre costume and prop making
castle wall builders blacklight costume maker mask maker jack skeleton clay sculpture of golden Egyptian sarcophagus prop makers Tentacle Studio
Tentacle studio ice cream baroque giant picture frame Bev Marjolein
alien head masks made by TentacleStudio.com mike petty, sculptor, prop maker,
bev shalts, Tentacle Studio. Theatre, prop, costume makers, london, amsterdam

Bev Shalts
Bev is a classically trained tailor, but often works with high tech and stretch fabrics. After achieving her degree in Theatre Costume & Design, she initially specialised in creating costumes and headdresses for large musicals, then became involved in additional projects and quickly turned freelance. Bev is an expert in all things to do with fabrics, animal heads and masks.

Mike Petty
A classically trained sculptor, Mike works regularly with wood, plaster, latex, poly foam and fibreglass resin. For many years he was head of the busy Props Department at the Haymarket Theatre. Having worked for the BBC and several award-winning designers, Mike has created sculptures and effects for many TV and theatre productions. Also an accomplished painter in oils, his work takes pride of place in private houses, hotels and government institutions around the world.

We couldn't acheive as much as we do without our network of specialist freelancers and other expert companies who work closely with us: sometimes at very short notice! Special thanks go to Eva, Herma, Marjolein, Yolanda, Katherine, Qin, Russell Gilbert at The English Editors, Helen, Rosie, Galiene, Els, Vittorio, Fukotex, Willem at Mawi Embroidery, and Krijger the Printers.

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If you have a question, just contact us, we'd love to hear from you!


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