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We are Bev Shalts and Mike Petty, and we've worked together for more than 25 years. We solve creative problems with intelligent, custom-made solutions, and also have ready-to-ship designs available from our webshop. Everything is hand made by us.

Bev shalts tentacle studio Mike Petty Tentacle Studio

Way Back
When we first met in the late 1980's, we were creating extravagant costumes and props for big West End musicals in London. It was high-stress work, and for many years we were creative, problem-solving ninjas who never slept! It was great fun, and we learnt a lot, but eventually the chaos, exhaustion and low budgets started to drive us crazy. Could we create beautiful things, without having to compromise? We wanted to try.

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So we quit our theatre jobs, spent every penny we had on fine materials, and threw ourselves into producing our own creations. We sold them whilst travelling around Europe, and quickly created new designs, relishing the inspiration and new skills we gained along the way.

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Present day
Fast forward 25 years, and here we are. Our custom clients include international celebrities, ad agencies and cultural foundations, and our permanent workshop is nestled just outside Amsterdam in the heart of the tulip growing area. We sell a range of ready-to-wear creations via our webshop.

Tentacle Studio Amsterdam Aalsmeer

During all our growth and development, some things haven't changed. Everything in Tentacle Studio is still made by hand, by us, and we're still exploring ideas and creating unique things that don't exist anywhere else in the world. We get a real buzz when people have fun and get transformed by our creations!

Get to know us
Our workshop is 10 minutes drive from Schiphol Airport, just outside Amsterdam. You are very welcome to arrange a visit, or phone us for a chat about what you need. If you are not able to visit, we send you progress photos of your custom order in progress, so you can relax, knowing you will be happy with the finished result.

 big paper mache head portrait elizabeth uk queen  big paper mache head portrait elizabeth uk queen
Our Clients
Our clients are very diverse: Christian Dior, Lady Gaga, Harrods, Delta Airlines, The BBC, Hermès, Ke$ha and stylists, magicians, museums, theatres, ballet companies, fashion houses, professional performers and amateur party beasts! Our work has featured in many magazines including Vogue and the New York Times, on TV and in many music videos.

Here's some more photos of us, and the studio in action...

Robot custom costume mask maker NL Tentacle Studio mould maker giant teapot and cups, Alice in Wonderland buy mad hatters tea party polystyrene film prop

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Eva blacklight costume dance propmaker animal head designers Tentacle Studio custom propsmask maker
Tentacle Studio custom costume mask maker castle wall builders blacklight costume maker alien head masks made by TentacleStudio.com mike petty, sculptor, prop maker, clay sculpture of golden Egyptian sarcophagus prop makers Tentacle Studio bev shalts, Tentacle Studio. Theatre, prop, costume makers, london, amsterdam
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Hey, you're still here! And we are still here too. So let's keep scrolling down to find out more ...

Bev Shalts
Bev is a classically trained tailor, but often works with high tech and stretch fabrics. After achieving her degree in Theatre Costume & Design, she initially specialised in creating costumes and headdresses for large musicals, then became involved in additional projects and quickly turned freelance. Bev is an expert in all things to do with fabrics, animal heads and masks.

Mike Petty
A classically trained sculptor, Mike works regularly with wood, plaster, latex, poly foam and fibreglass resin. For many years he was head of the busy Props Department at the Haymarket Theatre. Having worked for the BBC and several award-winning designers, Mike has created sculptures and effects for many TV and theatre productions. Also an accomplished painter in oils, his work takes pride of place in private houses, hotels and government institutions around the world.

We couldn't acheive as much as we do without our network of specialist freelancers and other expert companies who work closely with us: sometimes at very short notice! Special thanks go to Eva, Herma, Marjolein, Yolanda, Katherine, Qin, Russell Gilbert at The English Editors, Helen, Rosie, Galiene, Els, Vittorio, Fukotex, Willem at Mawi Embroidery, and Krijger the Printers.

And if you want to hear our latest news, check out our Tentacle Studio Blog or like
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Tentacle Studio instagram costume mask maker

If you have a question, just contact us, we'd love to hear from you!


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