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Tentacle Studio can custom-make an animal costume just for you. Get inspired by our previous custom work below, then contact us today, to get started on your own project.

Also: check out the crazy creatures for sale in our
Beast Boutique
Our clients include: TV show,videos and films, professional performers and all types of events and product launches. We've got over 25 years of experience in making exciting custom costumes that are also a pleasure to wear!

lama llama custom costume mask The Masked Singer
Llama Custom Costume, created for The Masked Singer: This adorable lama warmed the hearts of the public, and because it was made from thick wool, it warmed the celebrity wearing it too!

Rhino-custom-animal-costume-maker-Tentacle-Studio rhino neushoorn kostuum masker mask costume singer Nederland Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Rhino Costume for The Masked Singer: We were inspired to create this custom costume by Albrecht Durer's famous Rhinoceros woodcut from 1515.

praying mantis green masked singer NL kostuum costume maker tentacle studio
Praying Mantis custom costume, The Masked Singer: Our lively insect costume sparkled with hundreds of Swarovski crystals.

Easter bunny rabbit head mask adult buy Tentacle Studio Rabbit head mask costume adult adult handmade Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Hare Head: Hand-made Elizabethan Easter bunny! Styling and photo: Christian Walmroth
These handmade hare heads, and many other animal masks, are available to buy from our Webshop

Custom-made Geometric Rabbit Head mask: designer Karolina Lusoni.
gold geometric metal rabbit hare mask.

Unicorn Eenhoorn costume kostuum masked singer nederland Tentacle studio

Custom-made Unicorn Costume, The Masked Singer: with feathers, Swarovski crystals and a holographic corset.

rabbit konijn masked singer kostuum ontwerper animal costume maker Tentacle Studio
Rabbit Custom Costume for The Masked Singer: this adorable custom-made bunny is part Rembrandt, part White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Custom-made Geometric Rabbit Head mask: designer Karolina Lusoni.
octopus squid  custom mask costume head octopus Tentacle Studio

funny donkey head Bottom mask giant flower Midsummer decoration props
Donkey Head and Giant Flower: We custom-made this mask and prop for a wedding celebration.

  giant isopod insect bug costume maker
Custom Halloween Monster Bug Costume: A premium quality insect custom costume with wiggling legs!
See what's for sale in our beast boutique

buy Velociraptor dinosaur costume maker t rex Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Dinosaur Costumes: Bespoke wedding outfits for the happy couple! Photo: Joss Widdowson Photography

zebra headdress unbreakable kimmy smidt made by costume make maker Tentacle Studio
Zebra headdresses: Hand-made by Tentacle Studio in the finale of the TV show Unbreakable Kimmy Smidt! These unique zebra masks are available to buy from our web shop

Baskerville dog Argus hand puppet maker Bev Shalts Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Baskerville Dog hand puppet: This multi-eyed mutt was a special commission, based on an obscure Japanese anime character!

Vos Fox Masked Singer costume mask maker Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Fox Costume for The Masked Singer: costume and mask designed and made by Tentacle Studio

teddy bear adult size mask fake fur head for sale Tentacle Studio
Teddy Bear Mask: Fashion blogger @theteddyedit wears our handmade bear head! These handmade bear heads are for sale in our web shop

wolf mask hat headdress head fur akela jungle book wolf head mask red riding hood
Custom Wolf Headdress : commissioned for Hertz Sevens Rugby Championship event.
Wolf Head Mask, custom-made: For a Little Red Riding Hood Ballet. Photo: Andrew Potter.
See ready-to-ship handmade wolf heads in our web shop

grizzly realistic bear costume suit maker brown fur grizzly realistic bear costume suit sexy parkranger bear costume realistic grizzly mask animal mascot costume
Custom-made Realistic Bear Costumes: We make a range of suits, from a realistic grizzly bear to a panda or teddy. We have some handmade bear suits in stock, or we can custom-make a bear costume especially for you.
See handmade bear costumes in our webshop.

childrens fur horse mask jockey costume Goodwood horse costume animal mask head maker

childrens costume horse rider mascot costume
Goodwood Horse Racing Events: We custom-made many unique horse costumes!
Photos: Sue O'Donohue & Russell Gilbert.

Ganesh Lord Shiva hindu costume mask pink elephant god
Custom-made stiltwalker's costume, Ganesha Elephant God: unique costume created for an Indian-themed Festival.

jungle book mother wolf headdress costume shere khan jungle book tiger headdress costume jungle book tabaqui jackal headdress costume
The Jungle Book custom-made animal masks: Handmade wolf, tiger and jackal mask heads.
See ready-to-ship, handmade animal headdresses in our web shop

Fish costume promotional mascot prop Bite back chips mermaid costume chelsea flower show 2011 homebase
Custom Fish Costume: Photo: Russell Gilbert. See fish costume in our web shop
Mermaid costume custom-made for Chelsea Flower Show: commissioned for the prize winning Homebase garden.

praying mantis insect costume prop makers London Zoo wolf spider insect Halloween costume maker mosquito costume insect head mask cockroach insect halloween costume maker
Custom-made Praying Mantis, Spider, Mosquito and Cockroach Insect Costumes: Photos: Russell Gilbert.
See premium quality, adult sized insect costumes in our web shop

hedgehog mask body costume
Custom-made Hedgehog costume: Costume commissioned for a TV advert in the UK.

Jungle Book Scouts mask Kipling giant puppet Shere Khan tiger Jungle Book snake Kaa large puppet Rudjard Kipling
Custom-made Giant Animal Puppets: Kaa the snake and Shere Khan the tiger, custom puppets created for The National Scouting Jubilee performance of 'The Jungle Book'. The audience of 20,000 scouts sat enthralled...
Photos: Russell Gilbert.


zebra antelope giraffe stiltwalkers masks costumes Tentacle Studio

Handmade Zebra, Antelope, Giraffe, adult animal masks: made by Tentacle Studio
Photo ,costumes, performers: Unifier Entertainment
All these designs of handmade animal masks are ready to ship now, and can be bought directly from our webshop.

fennec fox animal mask head costume maker Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Fennec Fox Head and matching handmade paws: Premium quality realistic animal costume, handmade by Tentacle Studio.

frog toad mask costume custom made animal costumes Tentacle Studio
Custom mask commission from Purple Frog Solutions: We designed this unique handmade frog costume, and brought their company's logo brought to life!

midsummer nights dream donkey mask head theatre bull prop minotaur character head animal mask fake fur
'Slightly Monsterish' handmade Donkey Mask for theatre: specially created for A Midsummer Night's Dream. Photo: Masa's Eye Photo.
Custom-made Minotaur head mask: With glowing red LED eyes.

realistic grizzly brown black bear adult size buy for sale Custom-made Realistic Bear costumes: Special commission for an art installation. Photo: Dries Verhoeven
See handmade and custom bear costumes in our web shop

Moonpig pig mask head custom maker Tentacle Studio logo moonpig
Moonpig: Custom-made mascot head.

unicorn magical head mask animal headdress costume horse costume sexy mask headdress chess piece Cinderella
Custom-made Unicorn Headdress with glittering feather mane: Photo : Matt Hennem.
Handmade Horse Head Mask and Custom-made bodysuit horse costume Photo: Sue O'Donohue.
These unique unicorn and horse head masks are now for sale in our web shop

horse tail burlesque adult costume by Tentacle Studio
White Horse head and tail Custom Costume: Photo: Anna Burne.
See these premium quality handmade horse costume accessories in our web shop

bunny hare rabbit masks alice easter bunny heads
Custom-made Rabbit Head masks: Set of 6 handmade fur bunny masks. We were commissioned to custom-make them for a shopping centre's Jubilee celebrations. We now have this design of handmade fur bunny masks for sale, and ready-to-ship in our web shop

See more of our handmade custom creations on our page of Custom Masks.

Need something custom-made? Ask for a price quote today! Bear costumes, wolf masks, zebra heads, hares and horse costumes! Handmade insect costumes are also very popular; we've made swarms of mosquito masks and praying mantis costumes. We listen carefully to what you want and then we deliver it!


We also stock ready-to-ship costumes and masks, handmade by us.
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