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We've been custom costume, mask and prop makers for over 25 years. This blog is a peek behind the Tentacle curtain, written mostly by Bev.

30th June 2021
Freddie Mercury custom big head with custom-made crown and sunglasses!

This commission was a lot of fun to create, and it was gratifying that absolutely every single person who walked into our workshop has smiled, pointed and said "Ooh, it's Freddie!" or "Ooh it's that Queen bloke!"
Freddie Mercury custom head mask maker Tentacle Studio Freddie Mercury custom head mask maker Tentacle Studio Freddie Mercury Queen Wembleycustom head mask maker Tentacle Studio

11th May 2021
I've just got confirmation: we're back for the 3rd Season with The Masked Singer, designing and creating many of the costumes. Hurrah! For the latest updates, follow TentacleStudio on Instagram.

Tentacle Studio instagram costume mask maker

11th March 2021
It feels so good to be back at work! We just finished this pair of cute flamingo headdresses for the Opera de Lausanne in Switzerland. Designer: Karolina Luisoni.

flamingo pink feather headdress custom made Tentacle Studio flamingo pink feather headdress dancer custom made Tentacle Studio

22th February 2021
A short rant...

This week it's been announced that long time helmet-wearing DJ's Daft Punk are quitting after 28 years, and I've been pondering the rising interest in custom DJ heads. We've made lots of sucessful DJ helmets/ mask/ heads over the years, for passionate, hard-working DJ's.

But last year, we got -literally- over a thousand, near-identical emails that just say "i want a cool DJ head how much". Sometimes they say 'awesome' instead of 'cool'. There's no other info. When we ask for a design, we often get a photo of DJ Marshmello or Deadmau5, sometimes with the instruction 'like this but different'. Aaargh! There's a whole bunch of DJ wannabee's out there who believe that asking for a DJ helmet makes you a DJ, and entitles you to a free design service. Like there's no need to stretch your imagination, create something unique, or put any work into making your vision happen, because you don't have a vision, beyond being rich and famous. Nope! Most of the time they can't even be bothered to sign their name on the email. And yeah, I am aware that I'm ranting like a crazy old git! But really, if you expect someone to take you seriously, at least sign your damned email...

DJ's Daft Punk, Marshmello and Deadmau5. All very nice custom DJ helmet masks. No, we didn't make them and hell no, we are NOT going to copy them!

So please, please, please, when you approach someone about getting something custom-made, whether or not it's a DJ head, remember we aren't mind readers. And we don't create cheap knock offs! If you take the time to be unique, design and describe what you want, we'll take the time to give you help, and a little more respect too ;)

20th February 2021
Despite the continuing lockdown, we are luckily still able to plan for the months ahead. Top of our 'To Do' list is of course to complete orders for existing clients: there are currently costumes and masks for opera, video shoots, DJ gigs, and a flower parade all in the works! Etsy customers are waking up too. In the last couple of months we've seen a steady rise in enquries as the world wakes up again.

1st January 2021
Here's to the start of the New Year 2021! Despite all the troubles and complications, we made it through this far. I'm not sure what the future will bring, but just getting to the end of 2020 with our sanity intact feels like an acheivement!

Edsilia Rombley: The Masked Singer Champange bottle costume: created by Tentacle Studio, New Year TV Special, Nederland.
Edsilia Rombley champagne bottle costume maker Tentacle StudioEdsilia Rombley champagne fles bottle costume maker Masked Singer

So we were doubly delighted to watch our costumes and masks on the New Year's Eve Special of The Masked Singer. It was a massive task to get the everything finished, as many fabric deliveries were serverely delayed due to COVID. Even in ordinary circumstances, most TV shows are a logistics nightmare, juggling technical staff, celebrities, backing dancers, cameras, sound, lighting, hair and make up. And backstage catering is important too! TV filming regularly entails 12 hour work days, so food has to be grabbed in the short time between takes.

Richard Groenendijk: The Masked Singer Oliebol costume: created by Tentacle Studio, New Year TV Special, Nederland. In case you are wondering, an oliebol is a deep fried dough ball with raisins: a traditional New Year snack in Nederland!
Richard Groenendijk Oliebol Masked Singer kostuummaker Tentacle Studio Oliebol kostuummaker The Masked Singer Tentacle Studio Richard Groenendijk

The producers need to be sure they've got all the necessary footage before they start editing- because with all singing, all dancing show like The Masked Singer, calling everyone back in for re-takes blows up the budget very fast! Luckily, some minor parts of the show could be filmed in advance, but it ws a lovely suprise to see Dutch celebrity Edsilia Rombley win the competition in the Champagne costume we made for her. She was a joy to work with and seeing her delighted face on winning made us really happy. It's a great feeling to entertain literally millions of people, and bring some cheer to these dark days of COVID uncertainty.

John vd Heuvel: The Masked Singer Clock costume: created by Tentacle Studio, New Year TV Special, Nederland. The Snowman next to him is beloved Dutch singer Frans Bauer.

Klok clock costume maker John van denHeuvel The Masked Singer Klok clock costume maker John vd Heuvel The Masked Singer
All photos courtesy of RTL4 and Blue Circle Production Company.

2nd December 2020
Gold Russian kokosniki headdress. We created this glittering golden crown for the beautiful dancer in a new music video. I'll post a clip as soon as the video is released! Find more photos of the headdress in progress on our Instagram account.
Tentacle Studio instagram costume mask maker
golden crown dancer kokoshiki maker tentacle studio gold russian custom headdress maker Tentacle Studio

14th November 2020
Below are spectacular costumes and masks we designed and created for Season 2 of The Masked Singer (NL) 2020. So much work, thousands of Swarovski crystals! We really enjoyed working on it. The viewing figures were even higher than for the finale of the first season, and figures climbed with every episode!

Llama costume and mask
Lama costume mask maker Masked Singer NL Tentacle Studio

Chess King costume and mask
King-costume mask maker Masked Singer NL Tentacle Studio

Fox costume and mask
Fox costume mask maker Masked Singer NL Tentacle Studio

Yeti costume and mask
Yeti costume mask maker Masked Singer NL Tentacle Studio

Panther/ Leopard costume and mask
Panther costume mask maker Masked Singer NL Tentacle Studio

Monkey costume and mask
Monkey costume mask maker Masked Singer NL Tentacle Studio

Astronaut costume and helmet!

Astronaut Spaceman costume mask maker Masked Singer NL Tentacle Studio

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