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We've been making custom wings for over 25 years, painstakingly creating a wide variety of angel, bird, butterfly and fantasy wings.

You can get something custom-made especially for you!

Custom Angel wings, black hearted devils, elf wings and handmade fairytale butterflies have all flown from our workshops to clients around the globe. Handcrafted fake feathers are our speciality: sometimes each feather is individually formed from raw silk, or we blend hand dyed feathers and embroidery. Every pair of custom wings is specially grown by our hands for your unique shoulders. Need something custom made? Contact us, or See what's for sale in our web shop today

Nhimana large black wings made by Tentacle Studio
Large Custom Nahimana Wings: Large black handmae wings, made by us. Photo: www.Rapto-Rex.com

large white fallen angel feather wings
Satan's White Wings: We made these white custom wings for the "Poets in Autumn" theatre tour.

large black angel wings man
Fallen Angel Large Handmade Wings: for fitness model Jess Vill's calendar. Photo: Salvador Pozo.
These wings are a variation on the Maleficent Wings, See wings in our web shop

white wings cherub pegasus adult hand made by Tentacle Studio white wings cherub pegasus adult hand made by Tentacle Studio
Handmade Pegasus White Wings: These small custom wings were created for Hermes Japan. These wings are now for sale in our web shop

Victorias secret custom made feather fitness glitter wings Victorias secret model custom made large feather fitness glitter wings
Custom WBFF Competition Wings: Fabulous 'Bo-Peep' wings for fitness competition contestant Melissa Leigh Morrison. Photo: David Ford.

large eagle wings for man amneville zoo large folding eagle wings
Large Handmade Eagle Wings: Commissioned by French Zoo AmnÚville, and specially designed for easy transportation.

black angel wings masked singer kostuum maker nederland Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Black Angel Wings: Custom Sequinned Black Costume made for The Masked Singer TV show.

wings ice queen costume fantasy large pink fairy elf wings with glitter
Custom Ice Queen Wings:Handmade Large transparent wings with holographic glitter.
Handmade Elf Wings: Large pink organza wings with silver glitter decoration.

white feather silk wings angel  Gabriel archangel
Handmade Archangel Gabriel Wings: Large silk angel wings. Each feather is hand cut and curled, created for the artist Gladstone Thompson.
Photo: Gladstone Thompson.

Maleficent large black gothic wings
Handmade Maleficent Wings: Created for the Premiere of Disney's Maleficent film in The Netherlands.

butterfly costume wings fairy elf London Zoo kids childrens prop
Handpainted Butterfly Wings: Custom Insect Costume, handmade for London Zoo's Education Department.


See more of our handmade custom creations on our page of Custom Robots & Monsters

Do you need a custom made fan, a pair of wings, or any other unique item? contact us now to get a free quote.

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