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We've been creators of custom headdresses, feather crowns and hats for many years.

We can custom-make a special headdress or hat for you (or your client).

Get inspired by our previous work below, then contact us today, to get started on your own custom order.

Pink Flamingo Custom Feather Headdresses: for a glamourous opera.

pink feather custom flamingo headdress maker feathers dancers

Custom-made Golden Headdress : Modern version of a Russian kokosniki headdress, created for a music video.
golden crown dancer kokoshiki maker tentacle studio
custom-made Aztec ritual dance feather headdress mask maker tentacle studio Custom-made Aztec Ritual Dance Feather Headdress: made by Tentacle Studio, for dancer Aya Serpent

gold scorpion hand made warrior helmet headdress Tentacle Studio custom gold ram horns headdress goddess helmet by Tentacle Studio custom gold headdress horns maker tentacle studio gold bull minotaur horned headdress helmet by Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Golden Warrior Headdresses: made by Tentacle Studio, for a decadent horoscope-themed show.

custom monkey king jungle book hat mask buy adult child Tentacle Studio custom monkey king axelrod ballet theater costume headdress hat made by Tentacle Studio custom-made tiger shere khan jungle book headdress mask hat Tentacle Studio costume custom made panther Bagheraa jungle bookanimal hat headdress costume tentacle studio adult custom -made bird headdress mask jungle book Tentacle Studio custom animal mask wolf hyena bear Jungle book headdress hat costumes adult child

Custom-made Jungle Book adult animal headdresses:created for the Axelrod Contemporary Dance Theater. Photos Gabriel Chajnik and Axelrod Arts. See animal masks in our web shop

floral flower costume fairy elf sprite headdress exotic flower headdress hat custom made mask maker
Handmade Flower Costume and Custom Headdress: handmade for an exhibitor at the world's biggest flower and green sector trade show.

chess dior piece hats headdress hat maker black white adult chess piece hats headdress hat maker black white adult chess piece hats masks made by Tentacle Studio

chess headdress hat chesspiece black white adult custom made
Custom made adult chess hats we created for the Grand Bal Christian Dior at the Musee Rodin, Paris.
See chess hats in our web shop

rubber latex flesh dress bone crown halloween rubber latex flesh dress bone crown halloween
Custom-made Bone Crown, Flesh Dress & Heart Handbag: Professional Halloween outfit.

zebra head theatre costume mask custom prop maskmaker animal masks makergazelle antelope mask headdress head giraffe mask headdres african theatre production
Handmade Zebra, Antelope, Giraffe, animal masks. See these masks, and other unique animal headdresses for sale in our web shop

flower hats headdress echinacea Frida Ascot best couture floral crown mask Frida Khalo hats echinacea Ascot best headdresses Praying Mantis mask head costume insect London Zoo Halloween
Custom Chelsea Flower Show Headdress: Handmade Echinacea flower headpiece for an exhibitor.
Realistic Praying Mantis mask: Custom-made Insect mask, handmade for London Zoo.
We now have handmade Praying mantis heads, and the matching praying mantis costumes, all uniquely handmade by us, for sale in our web shop now

wolf mask hat headdress head fur akela jungle book Tentacle Studio wolf head mas khat red riding hood Tentacle Studio
Custom-made Wolf Headdress: commissioned for Hertz Sevens Rugby Championship event in New Zealand.
Custom Wolf Head Mask: Handmade for Little Red Riding Hood. Photo: Andrew Potter.
See handmade wolf headdresses, now for sale in our webshop, and ready to ship directly from Tentacle Studio

Montezuma Inca Aztec gold headdress feathers peacock Mexican penacho
Custom Montezuma Feather Headdress: Handmade replica of the Aztec king's feather headdress. Created for Butler's Chocolate Museum, Dublin. Montezuma headdresses are available to buy in our webshop now

lady gaga hat couture headdress designer maker perspex lady gaga hat designer tour 2012 crown judas
Lady Gaga wears Perspex crown custom-made by Tentacle Studio.
Click here to see the video.

masks hats giant chess set black white
The X Factor custom-made crowns: We created these 12 glittering custom headdresses with a chess theme for Ryan Clarke. Here they are in action on TV!

promotional mask head ram animal  animal headdress big ram head mask hat animal headdress theatre
Custom-made Ram's Head Animal Masks: We hand produced 100 masks, based on the client's logo, for their promotional campaign.

billboard awards kesha Ke$ha red unicorn blow head mask headdresses unicorns Kesha unicon mask head maker Ke$ha Tentacle Studio
Custom made red unicorn masks for KESHA: at the Billboard Music Awards. These handmade warrior unicorn masks were custom-made for Kesha's performance by Tentacle Studio. See hand made unicorns for sale in our web shop

horse pony head mask tail costume made by Tentacle Studio horse pony head mask tail costume made by Tentacle Studio
Custom-made pony headdress and tail at London's Cafe de Paris: resident dancer Anna Burne (aka Disco Pony!) bedazzles the crowd, dancing in her custom made pony costume. See adult sized custom-made horse and tail pony costume sets, available in our web shop now

alien head masks made by TentacleStudio.com space alien sexy android metal costume
Handmade silver alien headdresses and custom-made silver alien costumes: handmade by Tentacle Studio for a space-themed dinner theatre.

See more custom work on our page of Custom Masks and when you need a hat, mask or headdress specially made, contact us.


We also stock ready-to-ship costumes and masks, handmade by us.
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