We've been producing beautiful rubber clothing in our workshops for many years. For performers, shops and private customers.
If you need something amazing and skintight, that's specially made...

rubber latex flesh dress bone crown halloween rubber latex flesh dress bone crown halloween rubber latex flesh dress bone crown halloween
Rubber Flesh Dress and Bone Crown, with heart handbag: Professional Halloween outfit and headdress.

Tentacle Rubber jacket latex costume Rubber leotard latex rubber jacket
Fetish Revolution: Custom-made rubber outfit Photo TommyO.

rubber dress polka dot latex dress bronze rubber dress custom made red black
New Designs : These gorgeous latex outfits, and many others, were created for the new latex fashion label Fetish Nocturne Couture.
Photo @ TommyO.

rubber promotional girl costume bra black red Tentacle rubber promo costume superhero body bodysuit knickers red black latex
Peugeot Poster Campaign
Tentacle Studio created these rubber outfits for Peugeot's European Speedfight poster campaign. You would be forgiven for thinking it was a computer graphic, but believe us, it was a real model, complete with a specially made handlebar wig! Photo Erwin Olaf.

latex rubber bra and girdle fur coat latex rubber matador bull top Tentacle latex rubber fire dancer corset Tentacle
Custom made latex and faux-fur clothing.

rubber latex dress transparent tattoo latex rubber transparent bra painted
Various rubberwear, made to measure.

If you need something specially made in latex, ask us for a free quote now.

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