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We've been creating custom made masks, headdresses and animal heads for 25 years and we can custom make something for you. Get inspired by our previous custom work below, then contact us today.

Masked singer 2019 custom kostuums maskers ontwerp costume mask makers Nederland

The Masked Singer, Nederland: We created these extraordinary masks and costumes to conceal the TV show's celebrities!

dragon mask replica tibet museum mask maker Tentacle Studio bush cow replica african mask maker Tentacle Studiomask

Dragon and Bush Cow Masks: Replica masks created for the Museum of Scotland.

 custom made DJ  mask head Hijack house custom DJ mask made by Tentacle Studio
DJ Mask: Custom-made for the Hijack House music crew.

custom dj masks made by Tentacle Studio maskmaker
Diamond Heart DJ Masks: Private commission.


replica museum egyptian mummy mask maker Egyptian gold tomb Tutemkahnem mask museum replica made by Tentacle Studio
Egyptian coffin mask: Replica of a 3000 year old Egyptian gold mask for the Museum of Wigan Life.

scarface big head gangster carnival paper mache mask makers Tentacle Studio scarface big head gangster carnival paper mache mask makers Tentacle Studio
Big Head Scarface: Paper mache carnival head, private commission. See big heads in our web shop

wolf mask hat headdress head fur akela jungle book wolf head mask red riding hood
Wolf Headdress: commissioned for Hertz Sevens Rugby Championship event in New Zealand.
Wolf Head Mask: For Little Red Riding Hood. Photo Andrew Potter.
See wolf headdress in our web shop

pentakill costumes league of legends costume maker gamescom mask skull Karhtus mask maker
Riot Games at Gamescom: We brought to life the game characters, Pentakill, live on stage, playing hardcore metal music live to 340,000 hyped up, geeked out fans at the biggest video gaming exhibition in the world! Photos H+H Photographics.

promo heads masks school campaign orange
Public Transport Campaign, Holland: Our family of orange heads are making friends at school!

silhouette style mask Big heads mask Oxfam wieb blompje Silhouette style mask heads for Oxfam Novib
Oxfam's Novib Campaign: Silhouette style heads.

Montezuma Inca Aztec gold headdress feathers peacock Mexican penacho
Montezuma Headdress: Replica of the Aztec king's feather headdress for Butler's Chocolate Museum, Dublin.

giant big head mask paper mache Rihanna made by Tentacle Studio
Big Head Character Mask: Rihanna

Simon Cowell mask big heads portrait head giant portrait Oxfam big head  Queen elizabeth big paper mache head portrait
Big Head Character Masks: Simon Cowell, Stef Blok (Dutch Politician), Queen Elizabeth. See big heads in our web shop

big heads carnival portrait paper mache mascot giant oversized realistic mascot costume human bobble head
Big Heads for Delta Airlines: Large paper mache pilot and stewardess heads.
Happy Camper Mascot: Big head mascot created for a chain of USA Superstores. See big heads in our web shop

lady gaga hat couture headdress designer maker perspex lady gaga hat designer tour 2012 crown judas
Lady Gaga wears 'Perspex' crown custom-made by Tentacle Studio. Click here to see the video.

masks hats giant chess set black white
Ryan Clarke, The X Factor: We created these 12 glittering headdresses with a chess theme.

Moonpig pig mask head custom maker Tentacle Studio logo moonpig
Moonpig: Mascot Head


billboard awards kesha red unicorn blow head mask headdresses unicorns Kesha unicon mask head maker Tentacle Studio
KESHA: at the Billboard Music Awards. Unicorn masks for Kesha's performance. Buy unicorn heads from our web shop

horse costume horses headdress Cinderella animal mask horse head mask horses headdresses white mask cinderella
Horse masks and costumes: Available to buy now from our online shop in a variety of colours. Photo Sue O'Donohue. See this horse mask in our web shop

seven dwarf masks Snow White dwarves pantomime costumes Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy and Doc Bashful, Dopey Happy.
7 Dwarf Masks for Snow White pantomime ballet: See Dwarf masks in our web shop

animal heads masks goat mouse wolf donkey headdresses mask Grimms
Animal Masks: Mouse, wolf, goat and donkey masks for Grimm's Fairy Tales theatre show. See animal masks in our web shop

Jack Skeleton Nightmare Before Christmas mask head Halloween demon mask made by Tentacle Studio
Professional Quality Halloween Masks: Jack Skeleton Head and Demon mask.
See Halloween masks in our web shop

promotional mask head ram animal  animal headdress big ram head mask hat animal headdress theatre
Ram's Head Animal Masks: We produced 100 masks, based on the client's logo, for their promotional campaign.

bull prop minotaur character head animal mask with faux fur horse head animal mask and costume cat mask tabby paper mache animal zebra headdress mask custom animal head
Minotaur, Comedy Horse,Tabby cat, Zebra: Animal masks in our web shop

see more custom work Headdresses

When you need a hat, mask or headdress specially made, contact us.


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