• Custom made dj mask
  • steampunk robot costume made by Tentacle Studio
  • Rihanna giant big head mask 2018
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We are creative specialists who make unique things.

Everything is hand made by us, to enhance your performance, market your product, or just make the world a more delightful, mysterious place.

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You'll benefit from our 25 years of experience, good humour and integrity. And we understand that your deadline is crucial, so we deliver in good time, with no stress! You'll get honest, expert advice and photos of work in progress. Get started with an email, or phone us today.
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Our clients include celebrities, corporations, cultural foundations and museums: Hermès • Christian Dior • Lady Gaga • Peugeot • The Gorbachov Foundation • Harrods • Coca-Cola • also stylists, DJs, body builders, theatres, ballet companies, performers and party beasts, TV shows and ad agencies worldwide.

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