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We've created all types of robots costumes and crazy creatures, and we can custom-make something spectacular that's just for you. Get inspired by these examples of our previous work!

robot masked singer kostuummaker costume mask maker Tentacle Studio Robot Costume: We created this muscularly macho, robotic powerhouse to disguise a mystery celebrity for The Masked Singer TV show.

spacesuit astronaut costume suit custom made by Tentacle Studio spacesuit astronaut costume suit custom made by Tentacle Studio
Beyonder Orange Spacesuit: promotional costume for a major hotel group.

  giant isopod insect bug costume maker isopod pink monster insect costume monster mask maker Tentacle Studio
Monster Bug Custom Costume: created for a Halloween event. We did a very dodgy phone video whist trying out the costume. Aaargh! See those scary monster legs wiggle!

Steampunk robot kostuum gemakkt Tentacle Studio teampunk robot kostuum gemakkt Tentacle Studioteampunk robot kostuum gemakkt Tentacle Studio
Steampunk robot costume: with light-up Steampunk innards!

space alien sexy android metal costume
Silver alien costumes: For a space themed dinner theatre.

robot man mascot costume maker tentacle studio robot mascot costume body armour man Tentacle Studio
Robot Costume: based on the commissioning company's logo.
logo comparex

human hedge men topiary costume suit made by Tentacle Studiohuman hedge tree bush men topiary costume suit made by Tentacle Studio
Monster Hedge Costume: painstakingly handmade from thousands of tiny green sprigs.

android silver metal man robot armour Terminator silver robot armour costume Silver robot outfit red eyes
The Terminator: This deadly silver Terminator robot is striding through the advertising world, promoting a new type of... bed!

Moonpig pig mask head custom maker Tentacle Studio logo moonpig
Moonpig Mascot Head

robot metal mask head custom fritz lang metropolis mask gold robot maria Terminator silver robot head maskrobot
Silver and Gold Robot Heads.

creature monster green black lagoon custom costume made by Tentacle Studio creature black lagoon custom costume adult by makers Tentacle Studio
Creature from the Black Lagoon Costume: The ultimate sea monster Halloween outfit!

Albert Heijn Tech is te Gek Robot made by Tentacle Studio
'Techie' Albert Heijn Robot Costume: For the launch of a new computer programming scheme for kids.

Albert Heijn Robot Tech is te gek techie kostuummaker Tentacle Studio
'Techie' Albert Heijn Robot Costume in progress: as you can see, we used many different techniques to build this costume!


Star wars dog costume silver star wars imperial walker dog costume maker
Star Wars Imperial Walker: Costume for a dog! Private commission. This is Leo. He won best costume. I'm sure he's is smiling inside, but it's been a long day...

big red ball bacteria biotech mascot costume big black mirror ball bacteria mascot costume big green happy ball  bacteria mascot costume
Bacteria Mascot Costumes: created for a major biotech company.

demon sculpture human figure prop horror demon sculpture church custom made figure portrait  resin egyptian mummy
Demon Sculpture: Commissioned by a church in Texas.

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