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  • stempunk robot costume made by Tentacle Studio
  • bacteria costumes
  • Tech is te gek techie robot kostuum maker
We've been creating custom made costumes and mascots for more than 25 years. Our clients include Lady Gaga, The BBC, and many established and emerging performers worldwide.

big red ball bacteria mascot costumebig black mirror ball bacteria mascot costumebig green happy ball  bacteria mascot costume
Bacteria Mascot Costumes: Mascots created for a biotechnology company.

Steampunk robot kostuum gemakkt Tentacle Studioteampunk robot kostuum gemakkt Tentacle Studioteampunk robot kostuum gemakkt Tentacle Studio

Steampunk robot costume: with light-up Steampunk innards!

big heads carnival portrait paper mache mascot giant oversized realistic mascot costume human bobble head
Big Heads for Delta Airlines: Pilot and Stewardess mascots.
Big Head Mascot: "The Happy Camper" created for a chain of USA Superstores.

spacesuit astronaut costume suit custom made by Tentacle Studio spacesuit astronaut costume suit custom made by Tentacle Studio
Beyonder Orange Spacesuit: promotional costume for a major hotel group.

adult green woodland fairy sprite halloween costume  green woodland fairy sprite halloween adult custom costume maker
Spooky Green Tree Fairy: Custom made Halloween costume.

space alien sexy android metal costume
Silver alien heads, tails, costumes and jewellry: For a space themed dinner theatre.

steampunk piggyback costume made by Tentacle Studio steampunk gnome two in one piggyback costume made by Tentacle Studio
Steampunk Piggyback costume: Two characters worn by one person! For Alex Helmers Entertainment.

robot man mascot costume maker tentacle studio logo comparex
Robot Costume: based on the commissioning company's logo.

musical wicked costumes sleeping beauty ballet costumes
Wicked the Musical: We worked on many costumes for the musical Wicked. Photo Tristram Kenton
Sleeping Beauty: Costumes for the Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Photo Graham Brandon

custom made rubber clothing by Tentacle Studio
Cupcake Cuties : We created these gorgeous outfits for Nocturne Couture. Photos @ TommyO.

drinks carton mascot costume makers promotional costumes for milk carton cow tail  mascot
Drink Carton Mascot Costumes: Milk Cartons with cow tails! Photos Russell Gilbert.

cats wig custom handmade tentacle studiobastet cat egyptian gold cat mask costumeCats the musical painted leotard dance costumes
Cats the Musical: Tentacle Studio has created costumes and wigs for many international productions of Cats.

space suit astronaut costume made by Tentacle Studio
Science Museum London: We created these space suits for the Museum's photo studio.

promo costume castle chess piece Kewpie doll mascot costume headbear costume realistic grizzly promotional mascot costumes teddy
Castle Promational Costume, Kewpie Doll Mascot Costume
Bear Costume: Do you need a bear costume? Contact us!

floral flower costume fairy elf sprite headdress exotic flower headdress hat custom made mask maker
Canna Flower Costume: for an exhibitor at the world's biggest flower and green sector show.

rubber promotional girl costume bra black red Tentacle rubber promo costume superhero body bodysuit knickers red black latexcupcake cake costume custom costumes maker
Peugeot Speedfight Poster Campaign: She may look like a computer graphic, but she's a real model, complete with handlebar wig! Photo Erwin Olaf.
Cupcake costume: for an ad campaign.

holiday on ice dancer skater costume ball skirts sequinned lycra dance costumes world champions
Holiday on Ice: We've created many items for this extravaganza, including these fun beach ball skirts.
Dance costumes: 24 sequin and Swarovski costumes for World Champion Dancegroup 'Tennessee'.

Promotional costume for Walkright shoes by Tentacle Studio promotion costume number sevenblue  fur ball mascot costume Archie the reading bug.
Walkright Shoe Costume, Walking Seven, Archie the Reading Bug. Photo Russell Gilbert.

rubber latex custom-made corsetbaroque  custom costume maker white Lady Gaga crystal origami spike spiky dress costume designer maker
Chevron corset and rubber bodysuit: Photo Tommy O.
White Baroque Opera Costumes: Photo Marco Borggreve
Lady Gaga Style Crystal Origami Dress: Photo Tentacle Studio

flyzone vintage costume maker museum biggles
Science Museum London: Biggles' flying costumes for the Museum's photo studio.

rubber latex flesh dress bone crown halloween rubber latex flesh dress bone crown halloween
Rubber Flesh Dress, Bone Crown, and Heart Handbag: Professional Halloween outfit.

race pit girl hospitality grid girls bodysuit lycra sexy sexy pit grid girls costume suit catsuit Bacardi promotion jumpsuit
Pit Girls: Promotional catsuits for Suomy Ireland. Photo Suomy Ireland.
Grid Girls: Promotional catsuits for Bacardi. Photo Pose Models.

female warrior sexy costume Shena costume maker amii stewartpopeye custom made fitness competition lycra spandex costume
Warrior Woman: Goddess armour for a theatre show. Photo Inspiration Point.
Music Video Costume: with pearls and Swarovski crystals. Photo No Prisoners Records
Bodybuilder Competition Costume: Emma is 'strong to the finish' in this skintight Popeye outfit! Photo Matt Marsh.

rubber glamour photoshoot costume maker
Nocturne Courture's Ad Campaign: Unique latex outfit. Photo Tommy O.

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